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Lessons & Courses:

B LW Driving 4Life

"For Your Driving Success"

Consistent Pass Rates

Quality Service

"Excellent Value for Money"

"First 5 hrs Only £145"

Then regular lessons at competitive rates

All offers and products are subject to availability and terms and conditions

Check out my pricing

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New UK driving test from 4th December 2017 (filmed in 2014)

Filmed back in 2014 when news was just coming out regarding a proposed new UK driving test to reflect "real life driving" new driving t...

We aim you to

"Pass Within 45 Hours"

of regular training with

B LW Driving 4Life

(All offers and products are subject to availability and terms and conditions)

Hot Key


<<< Official DSA on line Booking Service

just click on this if you wish to

book your "Practical Test"

Please Note:

Once you have passed your practical driving test

(both theory and practical), the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) will need to be told.

Whether it’s for a car, motorcycle, lorry or bus

you must exchange your test pass certificate

within two years of passing your test.

Most if not all DSA examiners at the end of your test,

will kindly offer to send Both parts of your licence off

to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) for you,

if you have been successful. 

B L W Driving 4 Life

I provide a wide range of lessons and courses to

suit a variety of budgets and needs.

 I will do everything reasonable and practicable that I can

to meet your expectations.

I am committed to meeting these needs and as a result

a high percentage of my business is from

impressed, satisfied customers and referrals. 

If you have any comments, questions or just require some free friendly advise then please don't hesitate to contact me


Please ensure you bring your current Driving Licence at the beginning of your lesson

Thank you

General Information

There’s no legal age at which you must stop driving.

You can decide when to stop as long as you don’t have any medical conditions that affect your driving ability.

Find out how changes to your health

can affect your driving and how

to give up your licence, if needed.

The most popular learning packages

are shown below.

Please don't hesitate to Text or Call me on


for any further information or assistance

on products, current promotions and customer options.

Regular Driving Lessons, Essential Driving Skills 4 life:

The essential driving skills have been broken down into well structured lessons, which have been carefully designed around all of the required skills sets for your Practical Driving Test............. Also: * Progress Records Provided * Assistance with Theory Provided * Recap Sheets Provided

Develop your driving Skills PASS PLUS Course:

By Choosing to take part in the PASS PLUS scheme, you have shown that you want to further develop your attitude and skills that are essential for safe driving for life. This course also enables you to develop a deeper understanding and experiance of Motorway driving. On Completion of this course you will recieve a Certificate from the DSA

Tailored Refresher Course:

This is an oppertunity to further gain confiedance and experiance. If you have not driven for some time or just feel you require further assistance in developing your driving Ability/Skills, we can tailor your lessons to fit around specific issues you feel uncomfortable with. Starts with a confidance building session, followed by a driving assessment, then we agree a structured lesson plan around issues found, also with consideration to any areas of your diving you feel uncomfortable with yourself.

If You wish to book on-line and pay by


then choose an item below and complete your details on my contact page

Should you require to book any lessons or courses from the items above, then please fill in you details and quote the type of lessons you require

on my contact us page


If you have any comments, questions or just require some free friendly advise then please don't hesitate to contact me

You can contact me direct  by Email, Text or Phone:

Brian :-

Direct on :   07958708112

Thank you

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